Compare Broadband Providers in the UK (2023)

There are over 150 broadband providers serving customers in the UK, all of which have a number of different services and broadband speeds to offer.

There are a few top broadband suppliers, such as BT, Sky, Vodafone, TalkTalk and Virgin Media, along with a high number of mid-sized and small broadband providers that you may or may not have heard of. And each of them has its own list of pros and cons that may suit your broadband needs.

In this Uswitch broadband provider list, we've outlined the costs, features, benefits and drawbacks of some of the UK's biggest Wi-Fi providers and their networks.

Find out all you need to know about comparing different UK internet suppliers and the services they offer.

Compare broadband providers

It's important to compare what different broadband suppliers offer when you're choosing a new broadband deal. It gives you the opportunity to choose a service and package that matches your needs best, depending on what you value the most.

Whether it's value-for-money, internet speed, customer service, or all three, the requirements you have will determine which broadband provider is likely the best one for you.

By putting your postcode and address into our Uswitch broadband checker, you'll get a clear view of the different internet options available to your home. You can even filter out deals you don't want, so it's a little easier to compare providers that offer what you want.

Some providers are well-known for particular things. For example, Virgin Media is often regarded as one of the fastest broadband providers, and BT is renowned for providing a comprehensive, all-in service with extra add-ons and benefits.

Take a look at our Uswitch broadband provider reviews for much more detail about how customers (and our experts) view their service.

Here's a brief rundown of what each provider is best known for, and which one offers services that are best suited to your needs.

BT broadband deals

BT is the largest broadband provider in the UK, offering several types of fibre broadband from superfast fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) to ultrafast full fibre connections.

It also offers extensive pay-TV packages, the major selling point being BT Sport, which includes live coverage of the Premier League and exclusive access to the UEFA Champions League.

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Compare BT broadband deals

Sky Broadband

Sky is the biggest satellite and digital TV provider in the UK, and it also offers Wi-Fi and home phone services as part of its bundle packages.

It uses the same Openreach networks as BT to deliver broadband to your home, and also offers ultrafast full fibre speeds.

Compare Sky broadband deals

Virgin Media deals

Virgin Media offers cable broadband that delivers high-speed broadband and high-quality TV through its own cable network. Its speeds range from 100Mbps all the way beyond 1Gbps, with its Gig1 product supplying 1.13Gbps average speeds, to be exact.

Since merging with O2, there are more Virgin Media mobile customers than ever. But Virgin also offers Virgin Media TV and streaming options bundled with its broadband.

Compare Virgin Media broadband deals

TalkTalk broadband

TalkTalk has many broadband customers thanks to its great customer service and value-for-money fibre deals, as well as home phone and pay-TV via the YouView set top box.

Compare TalkTalk broadband deals

Vodafone broadband

Vodafone is mostly known as a mobile phone network operator, but its great-value internet deals have become much more popular in recent years.

The provider offers a range of very well-priced broadband packages, particularly its superfast and ultrafast fibre broadband and 5G home broadband deals.

Compare Vodafone broadband deals

EE broadband

EE offers impressively fast 4G and 5G mobile broadband, normal fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) and now also an ultrafast broadband service with speeds up to 900Mbps.

EE mobile customers benefit from purchasing EE home broadband as they can potentially boost their data plans.

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Compare EE broadband deals


Plusnet is a great-value internet service provider that offers affordable fibre and copper ADSL broadband packages to customers with excellent customer support.

It also regularly wins awards for its great customer service and popular broadband offerings.

Compare Plusnet broadband deals

NOW Broadband

NOW Broadband, which is owned by Sky, offers low-price fibre broadband packages with easy access to TV add-ons and exclusive content through NOW.

If you're interested in bundling NOW Broadband and TV together, take a look at the full list of NOW TV channels.

Compare NOW broadband deals


Hyperoptic is a full fibre broadband provider that provides ultrafast and even gigabit internet speeds for new-build homes and purpose-built flats.

It's also expanding its network into older properties in urban areas.

Compare Hyperoptic broadband deals

If you're looking to switch to a new provider, browse our entire range of internet deals to find a wide range of options for your home.

See if you could benefit from ultrafast broadband with our guide.

Fibre-optic internet providers

Almost all UK-based Wi-Fi providers offer fibre broadband connections nationwide. But there is still a wide variety of fibre speeds available depending on the provider and the type of fibre connection you choose.

Fibre-optic broadband speeds can range from what we call 'superfast' at 30Mbps, all the way to 'gigabit' at an astounding 1Gbps and beyond. So the service you get with fibre really does depend on what's available to your home.

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The most widely available type of fibre is fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC), which is supplied by Openreach's superfast network. It hosts the majority of the above broadband suppliers and is accessible by over 97% of the country.

FTTC provides speeds between 30-70Mbps, so it may be the slowest fibre broadband option, but it's often the cheapest and it's definitely the most widely-available. Plus, it's still much faster than copper-based ADSL broadband and will offer plenty of bandwidth for small families.

Virgin Media's growing cable broadband network offers much faster options, all the way from 50Mbps to 1Gbps. However, at 52% coverage it's not available to as many UK properties than Openreach's FTTC. It's also more expensive, since Virgin needs to connect its special 'coaxial' cables from the cabinet to your home, rather than just standard copper phone lines.

Full fibre providers offer the fastest broadband speeds available in the UK right now. Also known as fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP), this is simply where fibre-optic cables connect directly from the provider's broadband exchange to your home. Speeds on one of these networks can range from 100Mbps all the way to 3Gbps in some areas.

Learn more about fibre broadband on our dedicated guide.

Who are the fastest Wi-Fi providers?

Internet providers who can deliver gigabit broadband will be the fastest options for you right now. This primarily will be full fibre providers, but Virgin Media is also one of the fastest, thanks to its cable broadband technology.

Although full fibre only has about 40% nationwide coverage right now, it's rapidly expanding through a number of networks:

  • Openreach provides FTTP broadband connections for BT and Sky
  • CityFibre hosts Vodafone's 'Gigafast' connections as well as some of its own deals
  • Hyperoptic provides full fibre for new-builds and flats
  • Gigaclear offers speeds up to 900Mbps on its network
  • Community Fibre only services London addresses, but its connections go all the way up to 3Gbps

If you'd like more information about the fastest broadband speeds in the UK, take a look at our guide on gigabit internet.

How to switch broadband providers

Certain broadband providers are better known for some services over others, and each one will have at least one unique selling point that'll make their offers attractive to a customer with a particular set of needs.

Here we'll go through the main considerations you should have for a broadband package and which UK internet providers might be more suited to each.

Monthly price

Cost is obviously important to keep in mind when choosing a broadband provider. A certain provider could offer deals that have more than you could ever need, but if the monthly price is out of your budget then you may end up regretting it in the long run.

Plusnet and TalkTalk are popular choices for affordable internet deals. They're both widely available across the country with fast fibre deals, and they have good customer service too.

If you're looking for broadband at an affordable price, you can compare cheap broadband deals with Uswitch.

Also, did you know that if you receive Universal Credit, you could qualify for a discounted broadband deal? Take a look at our broadband social tariffs guide

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Broadband speed

You'll need to make sure that the deal you choose has the right bandwidth for your internet usage.

If you're a very small household and you only really go online to check social media or browse the web, you could get away with a standard, 10Mbps broadband package from the likes of POP Telecom or Direct Save Telecom.

However, if you live with more than two people who use the internet, or you often stream high-quality TV, download large files or play bandwidth-hungry online games, that demand will quickly increase and a faster broadband package would likely be best.

Virgin Media, Hyperoptic, Vodafone's Gigafast service or suppliers using Openreach's FTTP network offer speeds for homes with the highest demand. But their coverage isn't as good as fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) connections.

Run a broadband speed test while connected to your Wi-Fi to see what speeds you're currently getting, and whether you could benefit from a faster connection.

Customer service

As a paying customer, you'll want to be assured that the provider you choose will treat you with care, competency and, when it matters, urgency. Whether it's through complaints handling, helpful communications or fixing connection issues, good customer service makes your life a lot easier.

Get more information on which broadband provider has the best customer service.

If you have a complaint to make about your broadband service, it's best to take it up with your provider to see if they can find a solution first instead of going straight to Ofcom or the ombudsman. Here's how to complain to your broadband provider.

Who regulates broadband providers?

Ofcom is the regulator for communications services in the UK. It covers broadband, TV, mobile phones & networks and home phone services.

Broadband providers need to follow Ofcom's rules, regulations and standards to make sure they're offering a fair and transparent service for their customers. It regularly updates its policy to adapt to changes in consumer behaviour and new emerging technologies, and it can also reprimand providers that don't comply those rules.

Essentially, Ofcom is there to make sure you have the smooth, painless and enjoyable broadband experience that you deserve.

Which providers offer the best broadband deals in my area?

At Uswitch, we try to help you to choose the right broadband provider for your needs. No one deal is best for everyone, so you'll have to find one that suits your needs best.

We'll give you useful information on each provider that's available in your postcode, and we'll list their packages in an easy-to-understand, concise way — with all the details you need to know.

If you'd rather compare internet providers available to you by which broadband packages you can get, you can use our postcode checker. This allows you to see which deals are available to you in seconds.


What's the best broadband provider?

There are many providers out there, and they all are known for different parts of the service.

For example, Virgin Media is one of the fastest internet providers in the country, whereas Plusnet is revered for its customer service. Sky has great TV bundles, and BT offers a very reliable connection.

So the best provider isn't any particular one — it's the provider that offers the service that you value most.


Which is the best broadband provider in the UK? ›

Which are the UK's best broadband providers in 2023? At a glance
  • Best overall broadband provider – EE.
  • Best broadband provider for price – Vodafone.
  • Easiest broadband provider to contact – Plusnet.
  • Most popular choice of broadband provider – BT.
  • Best broadband provider for deals – Sky.
Jan 27, 2023

Who is the biggest broadband provider in the UK? ›

BT are the UK's biggest broadband supplier with over six million customers. They offer a complete range of services, with standard and fibre broadband, phone, TV and mobile.

Is Sky Broadband better than BT? ›

Winner: BT

BT wins here by offering not only a wider selection but a far higher top speed with its premium Full Fibre 900Mbps broadband package. Sky currently offers just one regular fibre speed, averaging 59Mbps.

Who provides broadband in the UK? ›

The ISPs providing internet access in the UK can be broadly segmented into 3 different groups. 1) Large nationally recognised brands with nationwide coverage. This includes BT Broadband, Virgin Broadband, Sky Broadband, Vodafone Broadband, TalkTalk Broadband, Now Broadband, John Lewis Broadband, etc.

What is the fastest home broadband in the UK? ›

Virgin Media's broadband is the fastest service that's widely available across the UK. Most areas where Virgin broadband is available can access its gigafast Gig1 full fibre service, with speeds of 1130Mbps. That means over 15.5 million households can access the UK's fastest widely-available broadband.

Is BT the most reliable broadband? ›

BT is the most reliable broadband provider in terms of availability and network size. They are among the top three major providers in the UK in Ofcom customer ratings. As of [year], the company has extended gigabit-capable full fibre service to more than seven million locations.

Who has most broadband customers in UK? ›

BT was the largest internet service provider (ISP) by market share in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2021, with an overall market share of nearly 34 percent.

Is BT better than Vodafone? ›

Vodafone vs BT: Customer service

Vodafone scores perfectly average when it comes to customer service. On the other hand, Ofcom's latest annual report found BT's customer satisfaction to be lower than average, with customers less likely than average to recommend BT to a friend.

Is Sky Broadband any good? ›

Sky has a reputation as a premium brand, offering top-tier entertainment, sport and movies for those who are willing to pay for it. Its broadband services are similarly well-regarded. They're not the cheapest around, but for speed and reliability, they do provide good value for money.

Who is cheaper BT or Sky? ›

While BT might be the better broadband provider for speed, it comes at a more significant price. Both Sky and BT offer 18-month contracts that have introductory rates, and then increase after a certain threshold. However, BT's contracts are always more expensive.

Is Sky fiber and broadband the same? ›

Sky Fiber (formerly Sky Broadband) is the broadband internet service brand of Sky launched in early 2011. The assets of MyDestiny broadband internet was consolidated in this brand after the acquisition from Solid Broadband Corporation.

Do you get Netflix free with BT? ›

If you've signed up for VIP as of 12 November then a Netflix Standard plan is included in your package. You can see what's included in each Netflix plan here: A Netflix Basic plan, watch unlimited movies and TV shows on one screen at a time in HD for those in your household.

Can you get broadband without a contract in the UK? ›

Can I get no contract fibre broadband? Yes, short-term fibre broadband deals are available, although there's much less choice than with contract home broadband as most providers only offer longer-term fibre packages.

Can I get broadband without a phone line UK? ›

Virgin Media is the only major cabled broadband provider within the UK to provide broadband without a phone line, due to the fact that it has its own fibre broadband network separate from BT's.

Which Fibre broadband is best UK? ›

The UK's best broadband providers 2022
  1. Plusnet: The best all-round broadband provider. ...
  2. BT: The most reliable broadband provider. ...
  3. Virgin Media: The best broadband provider for speed. ...
  4. Vodafone: The best broadband provider for value deals. ...
  5. EE: Excellent speeds and customer service.
Jan 23, 2023

What is a good average broadband speed in UK? ›

Average home broadband download speeds continued to increase in 2021. In 2021 the median average download speed of UK home broadband connections was 50.4 Mbps, a 20% increase compared to November 2019 as people upgraded to superfast and ultrafast services. The mean average was 79.1Mbps.

What is a good broadband speed UK? ›

A good broadband speed starts from 11Mbps for a standard broadband connection, although faster speeds range between 11-50Mbps, these are usually Superfast Broadband packages. Ultrafast broadband can reach up to speeds of 100Mbps or more.

Is BT broadband worth the money? ›

That said, BT is still one of the more expensive providers on the market, more so if you add extras like BT Hybrid Connect and BT Complete Wi-Fi, however, its regular offers make it a solid contender for anyone seeking a new home broadband deal.

Why is BT broadband expensive? ›

Why is your BT bill higher than others? The amount you pay often depends on how loyal you've been to BT. If you joined on a cheap offer then after a time you could have been moved up to a higher “Standard Tariff” and then you could have had ten years of price hikes added to your bill.

Is it worth getting BT full fibre? ›

Its Full Fibre 1 deal, with an average speed of 50Mbps, offers really good value if you want relatively fast broadband at a reasonable price. Adding TV and phone service bundles is easy and you can find some highly competitive offers for these services.

What is the trend in broadband in the UK? ›

Ofcom's Connected Nations 2021 report shows that the average fixed broadband household used almost six times as much fixed broadband data in 2021 than in 2015, while our Communications Market Report 2022 shows that average data use per mobile data user more than quadrupled over the same period.

What of UK households have broadband? ›

Data from Ofcom's latest Connected Nations Report discovered that 99.7% of households in the UK had access to a decent connection as of January 2022, up one per cent from the last report in September 2021.

Where in the UK has the best WIFI? ›

The new research was carried out by insurance company Protect Your Bubble
RankArea% premises with access to ultrafast broadband
6 more rows
Jan 24, 2022

Which Telecom is best in UK? ›

List of Top Five Telecom Firms in the UK
  • Vodafone. Vodafone is one of the world's largest mobile telecommunications companies. ...
  • O2 (Telefónica) O2 is a telecommunications company founded in 1985. ...
  • Everything Everywhere (EE) ...
  • British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB) (Sky) ...
  • TalkTalk.

Is Vodafone broadband good UK? ›

A relative latecomer to the home broadband game, Vodafone has made a place for itself by offering high-speed services at very temptingly low prices. It's scored another Highly Commended for Value for Money in this year's Expert Reviews Best Broadband Awards, while posting good results for speed and reliability.

Is Vodafone the best network in the UK? ›

Vodafone is second only to EE when it comes to coverage. Its 4G, 3G and 2G networks cover 99% of the UK, while its growing 5G network is available in major cities throughout Britain.

Can I use my own router with Sky Broadband UK? ›

We recommend using a Sky Wi-Fi router, but if you have a router that you're particularly attached to and you want to keep using, or have an existing Home Wi-Fi solution that you're happy with then no worries. Sky Broadband will work with most routers, though some may not be compatible or could be tricky to set up.

What network does Sky Broadband use? ›

What network does Sky use? Sky uses the Openreach network, which is the same network other broadband providers like BT and EE use. While the services and prices may differ between each provider, the network (your internet) will always remain the same.

Is Sky Broadband truly unlimited? ›

Most of our packages were already unlimited, but if you had a package with a usage allowance (Sky Everyday Lite, Broadband Lite, Broadband 12GB or Sky Fibre), you're now unlimited too for the foreseeable future. You don't need to do anything; we've lifted your data cap and there'll be no change to your billing.

How much is BT a month UK? ›

How much is BT TV? BT TV prices start at just £17 a month (for Sport) plus the price of whichever broadband option you decide on. Entertainment costs £18 per month, Big Entertainment costs £28 per month, Big Sport costs £42 per month and VIP costs £75 per month.

How much is Sky a month UK? ›

£26 per month

How much is BT fibre per month? ›

Our cheapest BT fibre broadband deals including full fibre start from just £27.99 per month. Compare and check availability where you live now.

Is fiber better than broadband? ›

The fibre broadband is more reliable when it is compared to a broadband connection. The broadband connection is fast speed internet, but the speed is slower when it is compared to a fibre connection. The fibre broadband connection is very fast speed internet as it uses optical fibre for transmission of data.

Is fibre better than broadband? ›

Fibre cables can handle much larger amounts of data which means these packages are much quicker than standard broadband. As they provide faster speeds, they're great for streaming, downloading and gaming on multiple devices. Find out more about our standard fibre broadband and phone packages.

What is the difference between broadband and fiber broadband? ›

The difference between traditional broadband and fibre is mainly down to speed. A fibre connection has the potential to be much faster and has a bigger bandwidth than other broadband options.

Is Amazon Prime free with BT? ›

If you choose to take Prime Video through BT, the monthly fee will appear on your BT bill. Other members will see charges come through Amazon.

Does Amazon Prime have BT? ›

New to Prime Video? You now can add it to your BT TV package online, via contact centres and in BT stores. Activate your Prime Video account by following the instructions on your BT Order Confirmation email.

How do I get BT Sport in USA? ›

How to watch BT Sport with a VPN in the US
  1. Find a VPN with reliable UK servers. NordVPN is your best option, now 63% OFF.
  2. Download the VPN app and set up an account.
  3. Open the server list and connect to a UK location.
  4. Now head to BT Sports, and you will have full access to the site!
Jan 4, 2023

How can I get Wi-Fi in the UK without internet? ›

How to Get Wi-Fi Without an Internet Service Provider: 5 Methods
  1. Mobile Hotspot. The best way to ensure you have the internet on your laptop is to use a mobile hotspot. ...
  2. Tether Your Smartphone or Tablet. 2 Images. ...
  3. Find a Public Wi-Fi Network. ...
  4. Use a Wi-Fi USB Dongle. ...
  5. Share Someone's Internet.
Jul 21, 2022

How do I get broadband in a rural area UK? ›

4G Broadband

But now 4G offers by far the best rural internet solution for the vast majority of more remote properties. If you're in a strong 4G coverage area, all you'll need is a 4G WiFi router together with a suitable monthly broadband plan - and you could be online with much faster broadband within 48 hours.

Can I use BT broadband without a landline? ›

No, you no longer need a BT phone line to get BT Broadband and BT TV.

What is the average price for broadband UK? ›

Average Cost of a Broadband, Phone and TV Bundle

In 2021, UK households paid an average of £44.21 a month for basic broadband options. This rose to £56.99 a month for a superfast package and £79.40 for an ultrafast package.

Which router is best UK? ›

  • Asus TUF Gaming AX5400: The best Wi-Fi 6 router for gamers on a budget. Price: £168 | Buy now from Amazon. ...
  • TP-Link Archer AX90 (AX6600): The best value tri-band Wi-Fi 6 router. ...
  • Netgear Nighthawk RAXE500: The fastest wireless router we've ever tested. ...
  • Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX6000: The best router for gamers.
Jan 19, 2023

Where is the fastest Internet in England? ›

Gigabit broadband is the fastest widely available speed in the UK, with Virgin Media offering the fastest average download speed at peak times.
Fastest broadband in London.
Download speed (average)Upload speed (average)
2 more rows
Nov 10, 2022

What is the average price of broadband in UK? ›

In 2021, UK households paid an average of £44.21 a month for basic broadband options. This rose to £56.99 a month for a superfast package and £79.40 for an ultrafast package.

Who is the best TV and broadband provider UK? ›

Virgin is arguably the best overall provider of broadband and TV deals. This is because it: a) offers the widest range of speeds, going all the way up past 500Mb and b) has a wide range of TV plans ranging from Freeview up to options with Sky Cinema, Sky Sports and BT Sports, National Geographic in HD and more.

Is Virgin Media the best broadband in the UK? ›

Virgin Media is the market leader in the UK when it comes to broadband speeds, with average download speeds of 1130Mbps on its top package. In fact, this makes it the fastest widely available broadband provider in the country.

What is considered a good broadband speed UK? ›

A good broadband speed starts from 11Mbps for a standard broadband connection, although faster speeds range between 11-50Mbps, these are usually Superfast Broadband packages. Ultrafast broadband can reach up to speeds of 100Mbps or more.

Why is internet expensive in UK? ›

Often there are legitimate reasons for prices to go up, not least because ISPs are frequently adding all sorts of new services (e.g. FTTP), developing new systems, facing higher charges from suppliers, implementing costly new Ofcom rules and consumers are also gobbling significantly more data every year.

Is Sky broadband and TV worth it? ›

Sky has a reputation as a premium brand, offering top-tier entertainment, sport and movies for those who are willing to pay for it. Its broadband services are similarly well-regarded. They're not the cheapest around, but for speed and reliability, they do provide good value for money.

Is Sky Broadband better than now? ›

Sky vs NOW Broadband: Average broadband speeds

Sky has the edge when it comes to speed as it is now able to offer fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) plans that bring fibre right into the home. That means you can get speeds of 500Mbps and 900Mbps – perfect for gamers and those who live in homes with lots of connected devices.

What are the alternatives to Sky TV in the UK? ›

The best Sky TV alternatives
  • Netflix.
  • Amazon Video.
  • NowTV.
  • Acorn TV.
  • Britbox.
  • Disney+
  • Apple TV+
  • Paramount+
Jan 26, 2023

Is Virgin or Sky broadband better? ›

Fastest broadband packages

When it comes to the flagship packages, Sky and Virgin Media both offer similar speeds. Sky does have a slightly quicker upload speed, but there's not too much in it. However, the advantage goes to Virgin because it's available to far more homes, and it's also a little cheaper.

Is Sky Broadband as good as virgin? ›

Sky broadband vs Virgin broadband

Just look at the numbers: Virgin Media, with its own network, offers a top speed of 1000Mbps with its Gig1 service, while Sky's single fibre deal (running on the Openreach network used by all other providers) only offers an average of 59Mbps. Virgin Media clearly wins.

What is the difference between BT and Virgin Broadband? ›

The main difference between BT Broadband and Virgin Media is the availability of their high speed internet; more households are hooked up to Virgin Media's ultrafast connections than are connected to BT's Full Fibre.


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